11 Facebook tips and hacks for real estate agents that can boost your agency’s results immediately.

I don’t think I need to tell you how important is Facebook marketing for your business.

According to this research of media kit, people spend an average of 35 minutes every day on Facebook and 15 minutes at Instagram (Facebook owns Instagram) it means, 1 year and 7 months on Facebook and 8 months at Instagram in a lifetime!

As a real estate agent, dominate your Niche over  Facebook, simply means more leads, more assets, more sales. and it can be much cheaper or even free if you know how to do it.

People using Facebook every day, your clients,  your sellers, and your buyers are there.

By the end of this free guide, you will be able to reach more audience, get more engagement and sell more houses.

You can



There are a few things that you can do immediately and with some better knowledge about Facebook and how the algorithm works you at least improve your organic results without spending a penny.

I will update the post regularly and add more free marketing material for realtors and real estate agents,

Here are the most important  Facebook marketing tips for real estate agents that can improve your results  immediately:

1)Choose the best Name for your Facebook page

Omer’s Tip: your Facebook fan page name should be at this structure: Name + realtor/ real estate agent.

Sounds stupid and obvious, but is the most important one in my opinion. It should contain the important keyword and your brand name. The keyword helps you to pop up when someone is looking for “agent” or “realtor” and your brand name, ok, you know why you need it. So the best name for agents would be something like Mike Cohen- Realtor. I don’t recommend to add location to your name, it makes it too much longer, and the Facebook algorithm already knows where do you work by itself. If you already have written your location in your name, Don’t change it. 

2)Claim your Facebook URL

Omer’s tip: Claim your facebook domain now!

After choosing the right name you want to claim the property. When I learned Facebook marketing this was one of the first rules that we learned. URL’s are critical in almost every search engine Algorithm weather is your website URL or Facebook’s URL. As a real estate agent, you should know how important is a property. Your Facebook URL is your property over the web. Again, you want the best match that will help people find you online, so pray that your Chosen Name is available. For example

3)Backlinks and call to action in posts-

omer’s tip: always backlink from one digital channel to others

Backlink to your Facebook page and from your Facebook page to your website – Backlinks is so important at any ranking strategy and almost any platform over the online web. Backlink to your Facebook page from your blog and any other digital channel.  always backlink from one digital channel to others (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more and more..) it makes your social cloud bigger and helps you rank faster higher and better in the platforms. Remember that you should put “Call to action” button to urge engagement.

 4)18 characters law

Omer’s tip- when you list asset and post description start with the address and then your for sale description, and don’t forget to link to your website.

This one is so important. The first 18 characters considered as the meta description of your post. If you don’t know what meta description is, let’s say that it says to the search engine what is the subject of your post/ content and let the engine crawls it properly, so you should make it relevant, to the point and part of your keyword research strategy. Instead of starting with “ Hey guys, look what asset I have today” you Omer’s tip: Should start with “ Home for sale at Dallas ..” or the address of the asset first and then the “for sale description” and even more important, always put a link to your website/ when you list the property. Always. It gives you the advantage of getting a backlink when the post will be shared.

Good Job Ali.

5)Keyword Research

Omer’s most important tip: Do keyword research before investing on a Facebook campaign or any other digital campaign. 

You want to be found by organic searches and not just lay on paid advertising. Do a keyword research before starting any kind of campaign online. I will re-emphasized it. DO Keyword research. In fact, I think that this step is so important at any digital campaign and it can save you so much money, and if you do it properly you will feel the impact of the right keyword research and in the opposite, you will feel how frustrated it to start. build and invest at a campaign that gives you 0 results.  There is a huge difference between ranking one keyword to another keyword. You need to find keywords that allow your business rank for and fit your budget. (I will add a free keyword research guide for real estate agents soon)

 6)About description-

Omer’s tip- Remember that the engines crawl 156 characters of your about page as the meta description.

Your about tab is the most important tab in your facebook page, it’s your meta description for the entire fan page. Search engines crawl 156 characters of the About tab. Include 3-4 keywords at your “about” tab this tab and do it in a smart and Human way. Google hates cheaters. Be human, relevant,  and naturally.

Look at that, amazing job. Including the engagement buttons.

Quick TIPS:

  • Link to your website with the “Call to action button”
  • Choose the right tabs ( Remove the “shop” tab!)
  • Join Facebook groups that relevant to your audience and start engaging.
  • Choose creative photos and not boring photos of a bathroom. If you don’t have anything creative choose the front of the house

You can ask questions and I will try to answer quickly. I will post more and more free guides about digital marketing for real estate agents soon. You can connect with me on Linkedin.

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