The reall treat on my generation: Instegram

Warning:If you still have a brain you will delete your Instagram account after reading this article if not, you will continue to drink the most dangerous toxic that has been made in the 21st century.

As a young Isreali, that saw one or two things during my life(You know, the middle east..) I never thought that at some point I will be afraid for the world’s future from something that doesn’t have any weapon or nuclear power and will find myself fighting against digital apps. Somehow life always surprises us and due to the digital revolution that all of us take an active part in, I can confidently say that the entire world has a common enemy- Instagram.

Yes, I know. It doesn’t have any wishes to destroy Israel, America, France or any other country, but the influence of this app includes some of the worst symptoms of Psychological diseases that all of them lead to depression (Rates of anxiety and depression have increased 70% in the past 25 years) and unfortunately, sometimes depression leads to suicides.

one second before Facebook(Instagram’s owner) will send their lawyers to treat and sue me, I want to clarify: Instagram is just one app that takes part in this catastrofic and 100% not responsible for any symptoms by itself. However, I am going to show some facts and explain psychologically effects that can lead you to your conclusion and thoughts.

To be honest, I actually had an Instagram account 2.5 years ago and most of the time I thought that it’s just a good platform to share photos and see photos of my friends, idea that by itself it’s not so bad but in the last years Instagram turned to be the most dangerous toxic that we swallow every day and kills our time, soul and mental health, and unfortunately in some cases leads to depression that can end very bad.

I don’t have to show my life and share what I eat every minute to the entire world and it may sounds strange for you, but it feels so good.

Let’s be honest and start with the good positive psychological effects of Instagram on our lives.

Self Expression and Self Identity

Building a self-identity is a process that doesn’t happen overnight and usually established after certain positive and negative experiments, events and feelings that design different identity phases before developing a sense of self that we feel comfortable with.

Instagram, like other social media platforms can help teens develop their self expression and identity by sharing creative images, “follow” and “like” famous people and interests and even take an active part in political campaigns.

Instagram is a great platform for young people to express themselves and their creative world.

** This self-expression affect comes with big and red warning- expressing oneself opens the gate for negative feedback that can be received and then it might buried the idea of self expression for teens**

Emotional Support and relationships

Yes, Instagram can be a great place for emotional support and building realtionships

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